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From contact uploads to API challenges, we’ve got the answers to all of your SMS enquiries. Explore the frequently asked questions about our platform and integrations below. For more in-depth tutorials and guides, view our FxbulkSMS knowledgebase.

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Here are some suggestions as to why you might be experiencing difficulty logging into your FxbulkSMS account:

- Ensure that you’re using the correct username and password, and that the caps lock is turned off.

- Clear your browser history and cache and try logging in again.

- Try using a different internet browser.

- If you have made too many password attempts, and you are receiving a notice stating too many failed attempts, please contact our support team to help troubleshoot this issue.

Please note - If you haven’t used your account in over two years, your account may be suspended due to inactivity or inappropriate usage. If you wish to start sending again, you will need to contact our support team to get access to your account again.

If submitting a ticket to our support team, please provide details such as:

- The FxbulkSMS username you’re trying to log in with.

- The issue you’re experiencing.

To ensure successful delivery, your contacts mobile numbers must be written in the correct international format.

To change mobile numbers from the domestic format to the correct international format, simply remove the first '0' or '+' of the mobile of the number and replace it with the relevant international code (e.g. 61 for Australia and 64 for New Zealand). Incorrect formatting may result in undelivered messages or a message being sent to an incorrect handset. Below are some country specific examples:

Nigeria - Country Code: 234
- Number: 10 digits long, excluding the leading '0' or '+'.
- Example domestic number: 08035692829
- Example International number: 2348035692829

Australia - Country Code: 61
- Number: 9 digits long, excluding the leading '0'.
- Example domestic number: 0447973739
- Example International number: 61447973739

India - Country Code: 91
- Number: 10 digits long, excluding the leading '0'.
- Example domestic number: 09000654321
- Example International number: 919000654321

UK - Country Code: 44
- Number: 10 digits long, excluding the leading '0'.
- Example domestic number: 07723654321
- Example International number: 447723654321

US - Country Code: 1
- Number: 10 digits long, excluding the leading '0' or '+'.
- Example domestic number: 2126544321
- Example International number: 12126544321

UAE - Country Code: 971
- Number: 8 digits long, excluding the leading '0'.
- Example domestic number: 047654321
- Example International number: 97147654321

Yes, FxbulkSMS supports international messaging. When sending an SMS/Voice internationally you need to ensure that your contacts are in their correct international format and using the correct Country Prefix/dialing codes.

For more information - please see what format do my mobile numbers need to be in or Country prefix and rates to view our pricing page.

Bulk SMS can be defined as the act of sending a text message to numerous recipients at once from an SMS platform. Bulk SMS platform like is a tool that enables users to reach their target set of people/group like customers, congregation, partners, members, staff, relations, friends, contractors and the general public with a customized sender ID at a cheap rate.
You need to register before you can make use of our service. Registration will take you less than 2 minutes and it is absolutely FREE. Click 'Sign-up'. After the registration, you will be able to access your user dashboard where you will be sending messages from.
We offer various differing pricing plans, whereby the more you spend, the lower your SMS rate is. These pricing tiers are activated based on the amount of money added to the account in one transaction. FxbulkSMS offers plans suitable for every business’s SMS messaging needs based on usage and volume. All Tier plans offer different features and benefits, and the more credit you purchase, the lower the rate per SMS.

The below payment options are available, FxbulkSMS is able to accept the following method of payments:

- Secure online payment via your PayPal account.

- VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

- Direct Deposit (this may take up to 3-5 business days).

Yes, SMS credits/units in the Standard and Enterprise plan expires after every one month. However if you're subscribed to the Pay-per usage plan, your balance will remain in your account for as long as it takes you to finish/exhaust it. Units rollover is applicable on the Enterprise plan when you re-subscribe the following month.

Yes, it is. Our online ATM card payment is powered by Flutterwave and it is 99.9% secured. The Flutterwave payment processing service is highly secured. Log in to your bulk SMS account and click "Top Up" to make the payment with your ATM card details.

You will see a "Forgot Password?" link directly below the login form, click on it to recover/reset your password. You just need your bulk SMS account’s e-mail address to be able to reset your password.

To send bulk SMS on this platform is as easy as ABC. Log in to your account and you will see on the left side, a dashboard menu, then click on the "Send SMS" tab and select your preferred SMS type from the list. You will see boxes for "Sender ID", "Recipients" and "Message". Copy and paste or type the phone numbers you want to send the message to, enter your Sender ID, type the message and click "Send". After then, you get the message delivered instantly.

A sender ID is a customized name you want your recipients to see on their phones when they receive your message. For instance, the name you see on the text message you receive from your bank before you open the message to read is your bank’s Sender ID. Your own Sender ID could be your personal name, the name of your company, church or school. You can use any name of your choice of either ALPHANUMERIC/NUMERIC and it should not also be more than 11 characters in length.

Our messaging services start at the rate of $0.0050 per unit of SMS but the actual rate of SMS is based on the country you're sending to. Plesase click here to see the list of sms prices by country.

After you have reached a conclusion on the volume of units that you want to get, you can instantly make purchase either by using your ATM card details directly on our site or by cash or cheque deposits directly into our Bank accounts. Using ATM Card payment option is the fastest because it is automated. It does not require any human effort before getting your SMS account credited. You have to log in, click "Top Up" and continue with the process to make the payment with your ATM card details directly on this platform. After making online payment or cash deposit to any branch of our bankers, please ensure you claim the payment on the checkout page to notify the team for confirmation.

There is no limit. You can send a message to as many numbers as you want at any particular time as long as you have sufficient units to send the messages.

We need your mobile number to update you on your account and to send useful information to you via SMS.

The full meaning of DND is Do–Not–Disturb. DND started playing out in the Nigerian telecommunication industry since 1st of July, 2016. The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) compelled all the GSM service providers to implement DND on their services to control the excessive unsolicited SMSs. With the implementation of DND, subscribers are given the liberty to opt-out of receiving promotional messages for any third-party services such as bulk SMS and other value added services (VAS).

To deactivate DND, click here now to read the detailed steps that you need to take in order to opt-out your mobile number from DND.


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