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Intelligent customer
communication—at scale

FxbulkSMS is a global cloud communication platform that enables you to engage customers across channels - SMS, voice, mms, WhatsApp and more. Pay-as-you-go APIs allow businesses to scale communications reliably.

Talk to sales
Connect and Verify Customers Seamlessly via Your Preferred Channel

Communications APIs

Reach and engage customers across messaging, voice, WhatsApp, and more.
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Unified Communications

Unify global business communication channels to work better together.
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Contact Centers

Provide agents with tools and insights to boost customer satisfaction.
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Conversational Commerce

Turn conversations into sales by engaging customers on their favorite channel.
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businesses choose FxbulkSMS, worldwide


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uptime reliability*

100 billion

messages terminated yearly

Easily Engage Millions of Users with a Single SMS

Cross-Channel Messaging

Send messages across SMS, voice, and WhatsApp channels to verify, authenticate and engage customers

Fast, Secure & Reliable

Deliver your messages within 3 mins via Tier 1 routes around the world

WhatsApp Support

Offer support to customers via WhatsApp automated responses, voice, and 2-way conversions.

API Integrations

Integrate messaging APIs to your application in less than 60 minutes using pre-installed configurations

Send & Receive SMS | Phone Numbers | 2 way Conversions | Global Coverage

Communications APIs

Through our APIs, businesses and companies deliver millions of tokens and notifications globally across different channels and mobile network operators

The FxbulkSMS Advantage

Global Reach, Local Presence
Scalable, fast and flexible solutions
Remarkable customer experience
Save cost with %% discounts on our per-usage billing plan


and let your voice be heard through our unrivaled bulk SMS services.

FxbulkSMS Solutions Targeted To Your Roles
For Creators
Deploy the most cost-effective messaging solution trusted by fast growing brands and startups
For Developers
Integrate messaging APIs in less than 60 minutes with over 90% global delivery rate
For Enterprise
Drive retention by scheduling updates and marketing campaigns to your customers around the world